Key Differences of Ft Wax versus Pe Wax: Which is Better for Your Application?

FAER WAX Co., Ltd. is a trusted and reputable manufacturer, supplier, and factory of various waxes to cater to different industries such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, and others. Among the products offered by FAER WAX Co., Ltd., two of the most sought-after are the FT Wax and PE Wax. FT Wax is a fully refined paraffin wax that offers excellent performance as an additive in various types of industries such as candle making, coating, and cosmetics. It has a low melting point and is highly compatible with a range of solvents, making it a versatile wax for many applications. On the other hand, PE Wax is a synthetic wax derived from ethylene. It is widely used in the plastics industry as a lubricant and processing aid, providing better surface smoothness, scratch resistance, and electrical insulation. FAER WAX Co., Ltd. guarantees that the FT Wax and PE Wax they produce are of high quality and comply with international standards. Clients can be assured that they will receive premium-quality products from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer.

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