Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch Wax (Ox FT )

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Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is made from fischer-tropsch wax through oxidation process. The representative products are Sasolwax A28, B39 and B53 of Sasol. Compared with Fischer-tropsch wax, oxidized Fischer-tropsch wax has higher hardness, moderate viscosity and better color, it is a very good lubricant material.

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Technical Index

Model No. Softenpoint℃ Viscosity CPS@150℃ Penetration dmm@23℃ Appearance
FW9001 100-105 20-40 ≤8 Light yellow granule

Applications and Advantages

Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is widely used in hot melt adhesive, PVC, ink and paint, asphalt additives, textile and polishing industries.

· Hot melt adhesive: Due to its superior crystallinity, stable melting point and purity, high molecular weight step, it can better adjust the viscosity of the product, shorten the solidification time, reduce energy consumption, and greatly improve the fluidity.

· PVC: Due to its linear structure and low viscosity, it has good external lubrication effect in PVC processing, which can increase the fusion time, reduce the fusion torque, increase the stability time and mprove the surface texture of the product. The series products are also used in injection molding, rubber extrusion.


· Ink and coatings: Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax can improve the corrosion resistance of ink, also can be used as an anti-skid agent to reduce friction and wear. It can be used in various printing inks instead of polyethylene wax.

·Asphalt additives: Because of the hardness, good thermal stability, high temperature resistance and, Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax can meet the highest requirements of heavy duty asphalt applications (such as airports, container terminals, etc.).

·Textile areas: Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax may easily emulsified, it can improve the resistance of textiles sewing and knitting, bending resistance, wear resistance and tearing strength, enhance process stability.

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Packing: 25kg/bag, PP or kraft paper bags


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