High Melting Point Fischer-Tropsch Wax

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High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax is a type of wax manufactured using the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis method and is made from coal or natural gas. The melting point is typically between 100°C and 115°C,It is widely utilized in many different applications, including the creation of paints, candles, and as a component for hot-melt adhesives, because to its high molecular weight and linear shape.

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Model No. Softenpoint℃ Viscosity CPS@100℃ Penetration dmm@25℃ Appearance
FW108 108-113 ≤20 ≤2 White granules
FW115 112-117 ≤20 ≤1 White granules

Applications and Advantages

High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax is utilized in the color masterbatch and modified plastic industries because it improves the smoothness and dispersion of fillers.
Using Fischer-tropsch's wax in PVC as external lubricants; it has a low viscosity and can speed up production. and can aid in the dispersion of pigment and filler.

High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax can efficiently wet pigment when used in concentrated color masterbatch and lower extrusion viscosity.


Extrusion has a greater use, particularly in high viscosity systems.Therefore, it can save costs by 40–50% compared to regular pe wax.Additionally, it can significantly increase the product's surface gloss.

It improves the heat resistance of the hot melt glue and has a greater congealing point.Compared to PE wax, Fischer-tropsch wax has a higher price-quality ratio.

High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax could be used as Ink for painting and coating.


High-class melt adhesive
Rubber processing
Premium polishing wax

Mould wax
Leather wax
PVC processing

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Packing & Storage


Packing: 25kg/bag, PP or kraft paper bags
20'feet container with pellet 11 tons
40'feet container with pellet 24 tons
20'feet container without pellet 16 tons
40'feet container without pellet 28 tons


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