Low Melting Point Fischer-Tropsch Wax

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Low melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax is a kind of wax produced by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process using natural gas or coal as raw material. This wax has a lower melting point than other types of wax, usually between 50°C and 80°C. It is characterized by its high molecular weight and linear structure, making it useful in various applications such as candles, the production of paints, and as an ingredient in hot-melt adhesives.

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Model No. Softenpoint℃ Viscosity CPS@100℃ Penetration dmm@25℃ Appearance
FW52 ≥53 ≤10 ≤50 White pellet
FW60 ≥62 ≤10 ≤50 White pellet


1.Excellent exterior lubricant for PVC profiles, pipe fittings, wood plastic products and so on.With good lubricating properties in mid and late stages, it helps to form a more glossy appearance and reduce machining torque.

2.Efficient dispersing lubricant for filled masterbatch, color masterbatch, modified masterbatch and functional masterbatch. Low melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax makes the inorganic components and pigments of the product disperse better, and become a more beautiful appearance.

3.Fantastic external lubricant in PVC stabilizers, especially in calcium and zinc stabilizers. The use of appropriate internal lubricants will greatly improve the overall effect of the stabilizer, and the corresponding increase in cost effectiveness.

4.When used for paint, coatings and road marking paint, It can improve the surface hardness, wear resistance and smear resistance of the product.


5.Applied for hot melt adhesive can better adjust the viscosity and hardness of the product and open time, improve its fluidity.

6.Used as a modifier of paraffin wax, improve the melting point of paraffin wax, etc.

7.Used as a rubber release agent and protective agent.

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Packing: 25kg/bag, PP or kraft paper bags


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