Polyethylene Wax For PVC Compound Stabilizer

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Polyethylene Wax (PE Wax), is widely used as an effective processing aid and surface modifier in hard plastic products. Due to its excellent lubricating properties, it can be added to plastic formulations to improve melt flow and lower processing temperatures, thereby increasing productivity and reducing energy costs. In addition, PE wax can also improve the surface properties of the final product, such as scratch resistance, gloss and water resistance, making it ideal for rigid plastic applications such as PVC pipes, profiles and injection molded parts.

It is also used as one of the important formulation components by the PVC compound stabilizer factories.

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Model No. Softenpoint℃ Viscosity CPS@140℃ Penetration dmm@25℃ Appearance
FW1003 110-115 15-25 ≤5 White pellet/powder
FW1080 110-115 20-50 3-6 White flake
FW1810 100-105 5-10 ≤5 White powder
FW1100 107±2 400-500 <0.5 White powder
FW1150 110-120 10-20 ≤1 Micro beads


Faer wax is the ideal lubricant for PVC processing.
1.It can protect the coating of the PVC particles,and reduce the thermal degradation;
2.It could solve the problem of PVC and machine surface adhesion;
3.It helps to improve the extrusion effect;
4.It helps to better the surface finish degree of final product.

PE wax for hard PVC products1318

Factory Introduction

Established in 2007, FAER WAX is a Chinese company that specializes in the development and manufacture of polyethylene wax and associated goods. China's Jiaozuo Chemical Industry Park, where our factory is located, has a sizable production base. More than 10,000 square meters of plant space are available. A total of 120,000 tons may be produced annually on its five autonomous production lines. Our plastic composite lubricants and Fischer-Tropsch waxes, polyethylene waxes, oxidized polyethylene waxes, chlorinated paraffin waxes, graft waxes, and other products have been exported to more than 20 nations and areas, including Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

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Packing: 25kg/bag, PP or kraft paper bags


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