Do you know the application of polyethylene wax in filler masterbatch?

The application of polyethylene wax in filler masterbatch mainly has the following aspects.

Improve processing performance: Polyethylene wax can be used as an additive for plastic filling masterbatches, which can reduce the viscosity of plastics, improve their fluidity, improve the melt fluidity of plastics, and make the processing processes such as injection molding and extrusion molding smoother.

Improve surface quality: Polyethylene wax has good wettability and lubricity, which can reduce the friction between the particles of the masterbatch, reduce the surface roughness of plastic products, and make the surface of the product smoother and more delicate.

Increase hardness and strength: Polyethylene wax is used as an additive to fill masterbatches, which can increase the content of fillers in plastic products, improve the hardness and strength of plastic products, and make them have better impact resistance and bearing capacity.

Improve thermal stability: Polyethylene wax has good thermal stability, which can maintain the stability and processability of the filler masterbatch in a high-temperature environment, and prevent problems such as discoloration and decomposition of plastic products during processing.

It is necessary to select the appropriate type of polyethylene wax and the amount of additives according to the specific type of plastic, the type of filler, and the required performance.

Post time: Jul-28-2023